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      Inphusion is a PHP Development framework that provides object persistence, an interface widgets library, templating system and a lot more...
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I started work on Inphusion over three years ago. It was originally going to be "just a" database driven website for a "micronation" - a kind of free-form text-based online role-playing game - called "The Republic of Mars" aka "Marsgov". My system was due to handle virtual money, a location / transport system, and lots of other things. It did manage our electoral system pretty well - we had an election with 20 candidates and almost 1,000 voters - but I never quite managed to finish it in time.

Marsgov died, perhaps because Inphusion never materialised, I don't know for sure. The concept lives on in The Mars Game which is just getting going. Meanwhile I continued work on Inphusion and removed the Mars stuff from it. It went through several iterations until its suitability for project at work became clear - and then over a few weekends I finally pushed it closer to completion than ever before.